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At Costain Heritage Consulting we can tailor services to suit your needs. However, the most common services we provide are:

  • Options appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Preparation of grant applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Activity plans
  • Conservation area appraisals
  • Market research
  • Access and audience development plans
  • Interpretation signage reviews
  • Project management of interpretation signage
  • Marketing plans
For more information about each, please see below.

Roman Baths - detail
Options appraisals and feasibility studies

Options appraisals and feasibility studies incorporate the identification and assessment of a number of different options for your heritage attraction, asset or museum.

Options are assessed using methods which are clear and easy to understand, and includes financial assessment. The most suitable option (or options) is proposed to the client, and if approved, expanded into an outline feasibility study.

Costain Heritage has considerable experience in the production of options appraisals and feasibility studies, ranging from the introduction of a new attraction as part of an existing one, to a change in use of a group of heritage buildings.

Stowe House Business plans

Business plans are essential for the success of any organisation.

Costain Heritage have considerable experience both in financial analysis, but also in understanding the best methods for the operation of heritage organisations and museums.

Business plans are prepared on the basis of your requirements, but will generally incorporate in-depth financial plans, together with analysis and recommendations in terms of staffing, management, governance, marketing, risks and measurable targets.

Tivoli Theatre
Preparation of grant applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund

We are aware that sometimes organisations do not have the resources, or the experience, to prepare their own Heritage Lottery Fund grant applications.  Costain Heritage is happy to offer to prepare grant applications on behalf of heritage organisations or museums.

Work will include guidance of the client through the grant application process, preparation of the application forms, project management of the specialist work required for the application and liaison with the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Bishop Auckland
Activity plans

Activity plans have recently been introduced by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and essentially involve identifying the activities required to:
  • Help people learn about their heritage;
  • Help more people and a wider range of people access their heritage
An activity plan is key to the running of any heritage organisation as it provides the opportunity for the body to assess its current situation, identify areas for change, and produce an programme of activities to effect this change.

Through our expert knowledge of the identification of barriers, and ways of overcoming these barriers, Costain Heritage is able to produce an activity plan which not only addresses the issues relevant to you, but also provides guidance which fits in with your resources.

Port Erin
Conservation area appraisals

Conservation area appraisals provide the documentary backing for the designation of conservation areas.

These plans involve researching and analysing the significance of the conservation area, primarily to ensure that the reasons for designation are appropriate.  In addition the plans provide recommendations in relation to management of the conservation area to ensure the ongoing preservation of the character of the area.

Headstone Manor
Access and audience development plans

In some cases, access and audience development plans are required in addition to an activity plan; this is particularly the case where there is an increased need for audience development, for example in areas of high black and minority ethnic local resident populations.

Access and audience development plans essentially address four key questions relevant to an organisation wishing to encourage greater involvement in their heritage asset.  These are:
  • Who is currently attending?
  • Who is not attending?
  • Why are they not attending? i.e. what are the barriers to involvement
  • What are the best methods to overcome these barriers?
Through user and non-user, and key stakeholder consultation, Costain Heritage is able to carefully analyse the barriers which visitors face, and provide methods for overcoming these barriers.

While the majority of our work in relation to access and audience development plans involves researching and preparing the work in full, as an alternative we're also very happy to simply provide advice and assistance to organisations that wish to prepare their own reports.

Luton Museum
Market research

We specialise in the provision of market research for heritage organisations and museums. In particular, we undertake the following:
  • Preparation of questionaires
  • Market research through on-street surveys, focus groups, internet-based questionnaires, on-site market research etc.
  • Compilation of market research results.

Interpretation signage
Interpretation signage

We undertake reviews of interpretation signage, and project manage the creation and installation of new signage. 

Horse ploughing
Marketing plans

We provide specialist services to help organisations communicate more effectively with their customers and other service users.

We can provide advice and training to create successful ongoing relationships with communities and the news media.

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